"Beautiful Spaces" - Paintings and Sketches from Himachal and Uttarakhand
Solo Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai : December 2016

  • Each painting takes us to the 'Maahol' of the place.​ ​Amazing work. The Centrepiece is truly ​a ​centerpiece ! Every painting transports us in to that particular Beautiful Space. Simply awesome!

    - Dr Rajani & Dr Prashant Mullerpattan
    Cancer surgeon, Mumbai
  • Chitraji, Many many congratulations for this wonderful show. your water colours are amazing. You have caught the glimpses of wonderful architecture..and some amazing nooks and corners which are very poetic from the artists' view point. Very warm best wishes for your future shows too !

    - ​Shri.​ Milind Phadke
    Artist, Pune
  • Beautiful creations.. 'Beautiful spaces' actually came to life... Very vibrant !

    - Brigadier Abhay Bhat
    & Mrs ​A​rundhati Bhat
  • Great paintings & sketches. it really touched me ! Wish all the best !

    - Air Chief ​M​arshal,
    Bangladesh Air Force
  • Chitra has beautifully captured essence of Goa and other places in her works. Congratulations !

    - Dr Manisha Patil, Prof ​P​rabhakar ​P​atil,
  • चित्रातील बारकावे कसे काढावेत, हे चित्रकलेचा गंध नसणाऱ्यालाही पटकन भावते हे या चित्रांचे वैषिठ्य आहे. मनःपूर्वक अभिनंदन !

    - Mr Ashok ​P​anvalkar,
    Sampadak - Maharashtra Times

Varsha Shukla is my student for watercolour painting. She has written about her experience.

I have been dabbling in all kinds of art mediums for my paintings for a long time. However it was all self help. My deep interests in the world of paintings made me search for guidance all around. Then I met Chitra Ma’am and I got a sense of direction. I started work in watercolours and she guided me at every step. Joining her class gave me a clear perspective of my interest in watercolour. She started with basics in watercolour paintings and slowly progressed towards more complicated subjects. She covered a variety of topics for painting. She showed painting demonstrations, gave me suggestions on how to improve on my work and also appreciated my efforts. We also went for outdoor on-location paintings sessions, which was an enriching experience.

Thank you Chitra Ma’am for introducing me to this vast field of watercolours. I hope to make you proud with my work some day.

- Varsha Shukla, Amateur Artist

"Call of the Hills" - Paintings and Sketches from Himachal and Uttarakhand
Solo Exhibition at Nehru Centre, Mumbai : January 2015
Solo Exhibition at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Pune : January 2015

  • अतिशय सुंदर ! दोन वर्षात चित्राच्या चित्रशैलीतील विकसित झालेले विविध पैलू व हाताळणीतील प्राविण्य आश्चर्यचकीत करते. चित्राने अलिकडच्या काळात केलेली मेहनत व प्रगती कौतुकास्पद आहे.

    - Dr. Nalini Bhagwat
  • Each painting gives a real experience of bliss from nature they are so real....amazing!

    - Dr. Alka Mandke
  • प्रदर्शना मागील तुमचे कष्ट अभ्यास जाणवतो. हिमालयीन विभागातील रंगांचा नजारा छान आणला आहे.

    - Sadhana Bahulkar
  • लैण्डस्केप पेन्टिंग देख कर बहुत अच्छा लगा. बहुत शुभ कामनाए.

    - Aku Jha
  • Beyond genius. Gorgeous paintings!!

    - Kinnari Kasabwala
  • Totally mesmerised I'd loved ☺ to learn under you someday..!

    - Vega Shetty
  • Superb work, shows real efforts taken to paint such vivid pictures mind blowing!

    - Vinayak S. Patankar & Satish N. Karandikar
  • खूप सुंदर प्रदर्शन! प्रत्यक्ष हिमाचल मध्ये जावून आल्याचा आनंद ह्या कलाकृती पाहून मिळाला. पुन्हा एकदा हिमाचलात जावून नवीन नजरेतुन निसर्ग पहावा ही इच्छा मनात आली. Thank you Chitratai!

    - Varsha Pawar - Tawde
  • Truly wonderful.

    - Siddharth Sathe
  • चित्रा सर्व चित्रे अतिशय सुंदर झाली आहेत. 'अभिनंदन'. तुझे हे यश पहायला तुझे गुरु 'अण्णा' असायला हवे होते असे मनोमन वाटते.

    - प्रतिभा केळकर
  • Water Color मधील फुलांची चित्रे खूप आवडली. हिमाचल मधले landscape पाहून तिथेच गेल्यासारखे वाटले. Freshness, texture साठी अभिनंदन !

    - Sagar Gokhale
  • प्रदर्शन खुप अप्रतिम आहे. शहरी आणि ग्रामीण भागातील घरे व जंगल याचा मिलाप व अप्रतिम ग्रामीण सौंदर्य यांचे प्रदर्शन खुपच सुंदर आहे. त्यामुळे असे प्रदर्शन वारंवार भरवून आम्हास पाहावेस मिळावे.

    - Ratnamala
  • The flow of Brush, just thrilling, got excited and going to see the scenery in real, in near future! Waiting for your Flower Valley and Silent valley Art!

    - Milind Bachhav
  • An Inspirational work - not really work, it is a presentation of yourself through colors.

    - Vinayak Patil
  • Excellent work and new ideas. Really enjoyed.

    - Dr. P. Farooqui
  • खूप सुंदर... अप्रतिम...! आज तुमच्या नजरेतून या निसर्गाचे सौंदर्य आणि रंगाची किमया पाहून खूप आनंद झाला....

    - वैभव तुपे
  • Absolutely Beautiful ! Nature's breathtaking beauty captured brilliantly on canvas!

    - Suhrud Javadekar
  • Very nice and beautiful. तुमच्या कुंचल्यातून प्रत्येक बारीक गोष्ट टिपली गेली. अचूक निरीक्षण, live Painting चा अप्रतिम नमुना. appreciate.

    - Mrs. Vidya Gosavi
  • Vibrant Colours and Paintings.

    - Vasanti Patwardhan
  • Excellent original style very rarely found. Keep it up.

    - R. C. Pradhan
  • "Call of Himalaya" मालिका आवडली. फुलांची watercolor पेंटिंग आवडली.

    - Ramesh Talegaonkar
  • Water color paintings are very beautiful.

    - Anil Katkar
  • Amazing ART work from Himalaya, thank you "Chitra" for showing the beautiful Himalaya from your painting. "Love the Oil Painting Specially".

    - Mayur Gangasagar
  • Beautiful & Beautiful !!! Use of colors, subjects, objects, angles, sizes - very different and so too attractive!

    - Ishan Punekar
  • I am so proud that my teacher can make such good paintings. The Forest View (oil canvas) painting and the View of Mountain Ranges were one of the best paintings. The effect and work in the charcoal paintings were very nice. Happy

    - Aishwarya Ramchandran
  • Soul stirring paintings. They have life in your works. Very impressive!

    - Meera R.
  • 3-D effects in paintings are very good. Charcoal paintings are also amazing. Stained glass picture is also good.
    Nice work, especially charcoal work is amazing. Skies in all paintings are amazing. Best of luck. Would like to know about your future exhibitions.

    - Sharadanand and Pallavi
  • Wonderful paintings, amazing work. Each painting has different excellence.

    - Nitin Bhide
  • Some of the most beautiful paintings I have seen. These paintings are a source of pure joy thanks to the amazing skill of the artist. These paintings have the power to hold you forever.

    - Rohit Dhole
  • I again felt after 40 years to be in Himalayas! Thanks!

    - F. J. Naegamvala
  • Extraordinary paintings! Transports one to the magical valleys of the Himalayas!

    - Aneeha Patwardhan

"Call of the Hills" - Solo Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai : 2012

  • Chitra Vaidya's Paintings do not just capture that art and architecture of an era gone by but pack a breath of fresh air from the life and times of the very hills that she depicts. her paintings are a quintessential visual documentation of the scenic splendor of the hills landscape and lifestyles of the serenity of an era gone by with Raj indelibly, if subtly, stamped all over them. Her Simple strokes bring to life the simplicity and love of the hills. A must visit for those that love the mystique and romance of quaint hill life.

    - Capt. Ajay Sud
    Banjara Camps & Retreats, New Delhi
  • The Paintings in the series ''Call of the Hills '' bring to life the lost hills of childhood, I nostalgically relive the moments of my childhood spend with Family and School friends on the hills. It's a Wonderful concept to bring to life the hills which mean so much to so many of us.

    - Dr. Kamran Khan
    Cancer Surgeon, Mumbai
  • A talented artist and the pupil of the maestro - painter late Shri. M. K. Kelkar, Chitra Vaidya gives evidence of expert and spontaneous handling of both water colour and acrylic rendering in her recent paintings. Her Paintings show a rate combination of luminous colour schemes exceptional freshness and simplicity in arrangement of forms.

    - Dr. Nalini Bhagwat
    Artist, Art Teacher & Historian, Mumbai
  • Hills Station always allure us. Conceived as little homes away from 'home' they were to be made in the physical and moral image of England. The Landscape was dotted with English architectural monuments, and was built for strollers replete with its charming and lingering infrastructure. The Paintings imbibe the same leisurely spirit and its unfettered indelgence in this passion for leisure.

    - Dr. Anurag Kashyap
    Principal, Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune
  • We always see pictures, We can live some paintings!
    We always look at the colours, We can feel some shades!
    We always see the views, We become a part some landscapes!
    Photos take you in the past, With paintings we re-live the moments!

    - Sumit Rajwade
    Vice President - Technology, Rediff.com, Mumbai
  • Hearty Congratulations are due for selecting such a unique theme for this paintings and a deep appreciation is due for the brilliant execution of the theme! Chitra's paintings bring back a whole of nostalgia-some from personal memories and some from books read, films seen....

    - Shashi K. Sharma
    Teacher & Consultant in Ethics & CSR, Pune

Comments from Earlier Exhibitions